About Bali Timbungan

Established in 2016 from the popular menu served at The Luwus Restaurant. For 3 consecutive years won the Balinese Food Festival and received prestigious culinary awards of Best of The Best Balinese Food Festival 2016 - 2018 which was held by the Tri Hita Karana Bali Foundation. In addition, another winning categories from Melapa-Melapi Awards namely Best of Taste, Best of Serving, Best of Presentation.

Timbungan was introduced centuries ago, food culture in the era of the Balinese kingdom. It means the food is cooked using bamboo. Bebek Timbungan takes a long cooking process by mixing various local spices “Bumbu Genep” creates a fragrant and aromatic tender meat to the bone.


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This is the best duck I have ever had. The duck meat is soft, and the spice is unique and tasty. They serve the duck on a bamboo, together with Balinese traditional chicken satay. The meal comes in a big portion, so remember not to order too many foods otherwise you won't be able to finish all of them.

Marcella Cindy

This is my 4th time visiting Bebek Timbungan and never disappointed. Especially their Bebek Timbungan, so tasty and juicy! Their service was great & friendly. Price are affordable. The ambience very authentic. Will be back for sure #bebibuncit (215K for Whole Bebek Timbungan with 3 kind of sambal and sauteed long beans)

Gabie S

Timbungan Duck one of my favorite restaurants in Bali! The food is really delicious. By carrying out the concept of traditional Balinese food, this restaurant serves every meal with rich seasonings and unforgettable flavors. The flagship menu is Timbungan Duck which is really worth to try. In addition there are many other menus such as fish, chicken betutu, various kinds of satay, fried rice and many others. The portion is quite large. For example 1 scales duck can be eaten by 2-3 people. For the price, it is indeed comparable to the taste and quality of the food. For example, the price for 1/2 portion of scales duck is IDR 135,000 excluding rice. The food place is very fun and authentic. Minimalist style and reportedly made by one of the famous architects in Indonesia. So for those of you who want to eat with family, this place is highly recommended!

Ni Nyoman Clara Listya Dewi

Very delicious. It tastes authentic and the spices are just right. Don't ask for the duck, it's tasty, it's tender. The point is really recommended, there is a price, there is taste. And there's a promo too

Pandu Leo

The Timbungan duck is really good to eat with warm white rice.. Don't forget to grill the peanut sauce, it's great... The place is clean, the people are nice and friendly... It's recommended...

Tezar Mahendra

When we missed Bali.... Bali Timbungan turned out to be the best alternative. We ordered the Duck, Shrimp and Starfruit Leaf Vegetable menu. Everything is delicious and spicy. Service from the first entry to the food order, which doesn't take long...very good (even though the restaurant is full) Keep up that quality!

Groza Subhakty


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